Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Right Way To Present/Receive An Award
S.D Obembe

The Right Way To Present/Receive An Award

Best way to present/receive an award

The last thing you want to do on stage is fumbling around with your hands and positioning in an attempt to present/receive an award.

You'll appear awkward to the audience. For many of us, this will make us more nervous during our acceptance speech.

Right way to present and receive award

Whether it's an Academic award, A gift, certificate or a plaque, you should use your left hand to receive the award. This leaves your right hand available to shake the hand of the presenter.

Awards must be received tactfully, graciously and ceremonially.

Whether you are a student, professional or an awardee older than the presenter, you should receive an award with your left hand while you shake hands with your right hand.

Also, when you are at a party, it's advisable to hold your glass of drink on your left hand so you can shake with your right hand while mingling. (Transfering a drink from the right to left hand sometimes can lead to a spill which can be very embarrassing).


Hope you learnt something today.

Source: Princewill Aghedo (Health Information Corner)
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

[Music] Bad Influence - Naira Marley (Download Here)
S.D Obembe

[Music] Bad Influence - Naira Marley (Download Here)

Naira Marley - Bad influence mp3/video

Bad Influence - Naira Marley: Naira Marley few days ago came with a soul-calming song and he titled it, "Bad Influence."

In Nigeria, most people think and even concluded Naira Marley is a Bad Influence to the youths.

He released this song to let people know what's really up with him. This is unlike his other songs in previous times.

Kill em with sauce 
Kill em with d success 
Kill em wit d smile 
Kill dem with no noise 
Kill em with d joy 
It kills dem that ur happy 

 They say that I’m a menace 
They said I’m a menace to the society 
They said I’m bad influence 
They said I’m bad influence to d youth them

Listen & Download "Bad Influence - Naira Marley" below:-

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Friday, October 25, 2019

[Music] Doctor Gold - Baby Love (Download Here)
S.D Obembe

[Music] Doctor Gold - Baby Love (Download Here)

Doctor Gold - Baby Love mp3

Baby Love by Doctor Gold: The Kunnu crooner, Doctor Gold releases another song and he titled "BABY LOVE".

"BABY LOVE" depletes feelings and experiences you've been through, when you're trying to finding love.

Baby love by Doctor Gold" is the Second Single  and third released track of the year, and it comes after the successful release of his 'KUNNU', and his team also featured the Fly Boy Inc. Boss Kizz Daniel titled "Fuck You" cover.

SEE: Bad Influence by Naira Marley

Doctor Gold - Baby Love is produced by the award winning Producer Sir Nooz.

Listen & Download Doctor Gold - Baby Love below:-

What do you think about this song?
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Monday, October 21, 2019

[Music] I Serve A Very Big God - Akpororo (Download Here)
S.D Obembe

[Music] I Serve A Very Big God - Akpororo (Download Here)

I Serve A Very Big God by Akpororo

I Serve A Very Big God by Akpororo: Comedian Akpororo comes with a Praise song and he titled it, "I Serve A Very Big God."

Akpororo is simply a multitalented Nigerian. The King of Roro House is here with a High Praise song that will keep you dancing and shaking to the Glory of God.

Listen & Download I Serve A Very Big God - Akpororo below:-

What do you think about this song?

CHECK OUT: Doctor Gold - Baby Love Mp3
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Sunday, October 20, 2019

[Football Highlight] Manchester United 1 - 1 Liverpool (Watch Here)
S.D Obembe

[Football Highlight] Manchester United 1 - 1 Liverpool (Watch Here)

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Manchester United held Liverpool to 1-1 draw today when they met at the Old Trafford.

Manchester United unbelievably couldn't let Liverpool deal with them in their own home. Who could have thought that's possible?

The opening goal of the match came from M. Rasford at the 36th minute. Few minutes to full-time, A. Lallana retaliated for Liverpool and made it 1-1 draw.

Liverpool still tops the table and has 6points between them and Manchester City thanks to their yesterday's win.

Watch the highlight of Manchester United vs Liverpool below:-

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Five Ways Men Can Escape Poverty (Way Out Of Poverty For Men)
S.D Obembe

Five Ways Men Can Escape Poverty (Way Out Of Poverty For Men)

ways men can escape poverty

Hello dear men. They say poverty is a state of mind, no doubt about that. But, there are some ways a man can lose his money and there are ways man can escape being poor. When you and your money are not in same state, you end up with nothing. See ways men can escape poverty and how you too can!

I found this little piece educative, so I decided to share with you.

Five Ways Men Can Escape Poverty

  • Stop Drinking Cheap Beer: There isn't any problem with having a drink over the weekend for social interaction and networking. However, after you drink low cost brew, you hang around with people with low cost concepts and an inexpensive future. Big business opportunities are found in places where the drinks are expensive. In fact, in places wherever they sell low cost brew, the only people you will find there are people who will be asking you for money. They even clap after you return knowing 'big buyer' has return.

  • Leave Naked girls Alone: Should you not know, see those women who dress like they are in the process of undressing but they have not finished? Leave them alone. Most of them square measure up to no smart and can solely value you an entire fortune in one weekend. Instead, get yourself a true lady. In Nigeria, we call them Olosho. Get a girl who won't solely support your vision but also push you to realize more. A woman who can inspire you and not a girl who simply causes you to lose fortune. 
  • Stop being Lazy: "Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?" You sleep the full day and blame the government for your impoverishment. "A little Sleep, a little Slumber, impoverishment shall overtake you wish a political cadre in overalls". A lot of men are simply lazy once it involves creating cash. They have enough energy to administer a girl 5 orgasms, however haven't any energy to start out one organization.
  • Recognize Productive Things: If you retain an excessive amount of junk in your head, you get a junk life. I know tons of men who know a lot when it comes to soccer and street politics, but bring a topic about investment, innovation and business, they begin viewing their phone, yawning or saying bye. A man must know how to do at least one productive thing (have one skill) even while not having gone to school.
man counting money

    • Get Connected to Big Men:
      A lot of men are failing because they are not mentored. They don't have anyone to whom they'll sit down and listen, with obedience. In the recent days, old men would sit young men down and show them how to hunt and kill animals. and no man was considered a man enough until he has in person killed one animal single-handedly. Now these men of nowadays are not mentored and can't even kill a bird. There are men out there who have made it in life, notice the simplest way to induce mentored by huge men who have made their marks.

    Do you want to escape poverty as man?

    See the five ways men can escape poverty highlighted above and make sure you follow them. Do what your future self will be proud of. Think big, don't run after girls, get up, learn to invest and subject yourself to a mentor/coach. 

    Author: Anonymous
    Edited by: Obembe S.D
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