How To Buy Airtel 1gb For N300 (For GTB Users Only)


This is a guide on how to buy Airtel 1gb for N300 (three hundred Naira).

Nowadays, the way the mobile data subscription disappears is something we find worrisome in this part of the world.

The above is the main reason people are sourcing for;

But, this isn’t a cheat. It is only available to GTB users (as far as I know and at the time of publishing this article).

Can Airtel 1gb for N300 be used for downloads?

Yes, it can! This subscription works just like every other normal data subscription we do.

How to buy Airtel 1gb for N300

Follow the steps below on the Sim card you use for your GTB account.

  1. Make sure you have up to N300 in your GTB account
  2. Pick up the phone and sim connected with your GTB account and type *737# as usual.
  3. When it loads, reply with 3 (that’s for data)
  4. Then reply with 1 (if you want to do the subscription for yourself i.e the sim you connected to your GT bank account) or
  5. Reply with 2 if you are doing the subscription for someone else or different sim of yours.
  6. Then after, you will be prompted to enter the phone number of the third party
  7. Then, reply with 4 (which is the option for 1gb for N300)
  8. You will also be prompted to enter your GTB code for mobile transaction… Am sure you know this.
  9. After doing all that correctly, you have succeeded in doing 1gb Airtel for N300.

How long will Airtel 1gb for N300 last?

Unfortunately, it will only last for 24hours. You can use to surf the net…download, watch movies, do assignment and so on.

That’s simply how to activate Airtel 1gb for N300 for GTB users. I believe you find this tip useful. Stay connected for more tricks.

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